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What to Look for in A Bass Ear Headphone

What To Look For In A Bass Headphone

Over the years more and more people have preferred to use bass headphones instead of regular earphones. They don’t use it without reason, though; bass headphones give a better sound quality and are able to give justice to the bass. The bass gives a song texture and volume.

Due to its low and deep sound, it’s a bit difficult to hear the bass, especially if you’re unfamiliar with how it sounds. With the creation of the best bass in ear headphones, you can listen to the clear quality of bass in a song without needing to put the volume at its highest. Bass headphones are designed to give the listener the best bass sound they can hear.

Of course, headphone with bass vary from one another. There are headphones with different qualities and different ways to wear. Some headphones are wireless and some are wired. Some have higher hertz than others while some have high-quality noise-cancelling features. No two best bass headphones are completely alike and most of them are rated based on a listener’s preferences. However, they all serve one purpose: to make the listener hear the bass clearer.

Types of Bass Headphones

Wired vs. Wireless

When it comes to headphones, you either choose a wired or wireless pairing. With a wired connection, you would need a cord to link your device to the headphone. This makes it convenient in a way that you wouldn’t need to charge batteries for your headphones. All you need is to plug it in your phone or computer or anywhere you would want to listen to music. It’s that easy!

Of course, having a wireless connection has its own benefits too. With a wireless connection, you wouldn’t need a cord to connect. This makes it ideal for anyone who goes to the gym. Imagine running that treadmill or listening to an audible e-book from your kindle oasis without any fuss from the wires. Having a wireless headphone includes batteries, so keep that in mind.

On-ear or Over-ear design

Different types of headphones include different ways to hear the sound. An on-ear design is one that rests on top of the ear. It’s lighter compared to an over-ear design and able to reproduce a more natural sound. Because of its design, on-ear headphones can’t completely block external noise.

Over-ear designs, on the other hand, are able to reduce external noise because of how they fit in your ears. Ear pads tend to be larger which makes them heavier compared to on-ear designs, but they’re more equipped to give a richer and fuller bass sound. Over-ear designs usually come with a noise-cancellation feature and a high-fidelity sound.

Features to Consider

Frequency Range

Frequency Range is responsible for the range of the audio frequencies. The usual range would be 20-20,000 kHz, with the lowest number being the bass and the highest representing the treble. Knowing the frequency range of audio equipment can give you an idea on how much bass you can hear.

Noise Cancellation

Not all headphones have a noise-cancelling feature, and it’s partly because it tends to be a bit expensive. Noise cancellation is a feature that reduces external sound and gives the music you’re listening to a more emphasized sound.

Comfortable fit

It’s not exactly a technical feature, but knowing the right fit for you is vital in enjoying your headphones. Sizing could be a problem when you order something online, so comfort might be disregarded if you aren’t able to find a snug pair. A comfortable fit assures you a relaxed and breezy audio-listening experience.

Here’s a list of the best bass headphones money can buy:

Sennheiser HD 202 II Professional Headphones

One of the most durable and well-made headphones is the Sennheiser HD 202 II. It’s a headphone that not only gives a rich, deep bass, but can also give you a premium and sleek look. Sennheiser is a good brand that delivers quality headphones. Below are the features and what makes it a fan favorite among customers.


  • Total Harmonic distortion (THD)
  • Dynamic hi-fi stereo headphones
  • Jack plug 3.5mm stereo
  • Detachable ear cups
  • Replaceable leatherette ear pads
  • Frequency range: 18Hz – 18kHz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • 10 foot Y style cable
  • Wind-up belt clip for excess cable
  • 3 m highly conductive OFC copper cable
  • Specially designed damping perforation
  • Ideal for both mobile sources and home mini hi-fi systems
  • Powerful neodymium magnets
  • Rugged outdoor design
  • Durable and flexible headband
  • Shipping weight of 10.6 ounces
  • Includes a two-year warranty


When it comes to a brand you can trust, there’s no better choice than Sennheiser. Sennheiser has been in the audio equipment industry since 1945. It’s been creating excellent audio equipment for a number of decades. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that their professional headphones make it ideal for both disc jockeys and audio enthusiasts alike.

The Sennheiser HD 202 II is designed with a closed, unique, high-quality stereo. It has an excellent sound quality and a lightweight design that makes it easy to carry anywhere. Bass, treble and mid-tone sounds are sure to sound neat and clear with the Sennheiser HD 202 II. Sound won’t leak nor will it decrease in quality. Ambient noise won’t be a problem with the headphones.

Aside from its amazing quality, the Sennheiser HD 202 II is sure to give a snug fit. It’s a great headphone to use when listening to music, playing computer games, or even watching a movie.


  • No active noise-canceling feature
  • Size could be an issue
  • Cord could be longer


If you’re looking for one of the best-wired headphones, then the Sennheiser HD 202 II Professional Headphones is a great choice. It gives high-fidelity sound and a state of the art performance. You’re sure to use this for years to come because of its reliable durability. You won’t need batteries or anything else to use this, just simply plug it in your phone or computer to get you started. Regardless if you’re a disc jockey or simply someone who enjoys listening to high-quality music, you’re sure to invest in something great with this amazing product.

Bluedio T3 Extra Bass Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Headphones

Another contender for the best bass headphones that packs a punch is the Bluedio T3. It’s a wireless Bluetooth headset that’s ideal for anyone who doesn’t enjoy getting his or her wires tangled. It’s a good choice for people who constantly listen to music while working out.


  • High-quality alloy frame for guaranteed longevity
  • Easy pairing for Bluetooth devices
  • 57mm titanizing diaphragm
  • 3D Sound
  • Condenser Microphone with a sensitivity of -42dB
  • High Signal to Noise Ratio
  • Padded with soft memory foam rich in protein
  • Convenient Control
  • Long-lasting battery usage
  • 3.5mm audio cable included
  • Includes a drawstring carry bag
  • Includes a user manual
  • Shipping weight of 13.8 ounces


What makes the Bluedio T3 the first choice among users is its high signal to noise ratio paired with its high-quality alloy frame durability. You’ve assured a great sound quality, a stylish design, and a long-lasting relationship with this pair of headphones.

Since it’s wireless, you can easily use this for high endurance training. You’ll be able to run at the park or on the treadmill without the discomfort of wires getting in the way. All you have to do is easily connect it to your phone with a click of a button. It doesn’t take a lot of battery juice for the Bluedio T3 to keep running. You’re sure to last countless hours with this amazing piece of equipment. If connecting it through Bluetooth isn’t your style, you can easily use the 3.5mm audio cable to connect.

If you aren’t listening to music, you can also use this headphone to answer calls. With just a click of a button, you can clearly listen to the person on the other end of the line. For easy understanding, it includes a user manual to help you get started.


  • Sizing issues
  • Folds too easily
  • Bass was too powerful
  • Heavier compared to other models


The Bluedio T3 is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to start using Bluetooth-compatible headphones. It’s a headphone that can give you clear bass, extraordinary treble, and a snug fit. It’s bold and beautiful with its bright red design that can be a great conversation starter. You can use this pair of headphones to listen to music, watch videos on Youtube, answer phone calls, or even watch movies and enjoy its 3D sound.

With the Bluedio T3, you’re sure to have exceptional sound quality without hurting your wallet.

Otium Bluetooth Bass Headphones with Aux Input Built-in Microphone

Otium is a great brand that offers high-quality audio equipment. They have a variety of headphones that can give you a rich, deep, sound. One of their best equipment is their Bluetooth Headsets that can be used either wired or wireless. The Otium Bluetooth Headset is a remarkable pair of headphones that can give you long hours of listening to music.


  • Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology
  • High-performance premium driver
  • Can be used wired or wireless
  • Natural and balanced audio spectrum
  • Telescopic design
  • 90-degree Rotating Earmuffs
  • Includes a Built-In Microphone
  • Wide Compatibility
  • 3.5 mm auxiliary slot
  • Includes a 4 feet auxiliary cable
  • Soft and comfortable faux leather material
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Up to 18 hours talk time
  • Reliable connection
  • Includes an instruction manual
  • Shipping weight of 12 ounces


Outstanding sound quality and strong, durable construction are assured with the Otium Bluetooth Headset. Numerous users praised its high-quality sound and comfortable feel. It has an advanced Bluetooth technology that assures an easy connection and an ultra-optimized performance without consuming a lot of battery. It can last up to 15 hours of playtime and 240 hours of standby time. The driver installed in the Otium is made of premium quality to give the bass and treble a fine performance.

It’s also wonderful to know how easy it is to use the Otium. With just a click of a button, you can easily change songs, adjust the volume, or answer phone calls. You won’t have trouble understanding this amazing pair of headphones! You can effortlessly connect your phone with a click or connect the cable to your phone. This makes it great for people who enjoy both wired and wireless features.

With the Otium Bluetooth Headset, you’re getting yourself an impressive sound quality and a comfy feel.


  • Bluetooth range could be longer
  • Sizing issues


The Otium Bluetooth Headset is an affordable and durable headphone that not only gives you superb audio quality, but also a wireless connection. It’s easy to use and enjoyable to listen to. Bass is deep and clearly heard with this amazing pair of headphones. Whether listening to music or answering a call you’re sure to have clarity with the Otium. Comfort and ease are assured. With just a few clicks, you can easily change songs or turn up the volume. Battery life is long to help you enjoy your everyday listening experience.

Cowin E-7 Stereo Headphones

If you’re looking for a headphone with a powerful noise-cancelling function, then you’re on the right page. The Cowin E-7 packs a lot of features that can make your audio listening so much more pronounced and enjoyable.


  • Active Noise-Cancelling technology
  • Wireless Bluetooth
  • Proprietary 40mm large aperture drivers
  • Lightweight and comfortable around-ear fit
  • 90-degree swiveling ear cups
  • Professional protein earpad and headband material
  • On-board Microphone Pulse Remote
  • Up to 30 hours of playtime at Bluetooth mode
  • 3.5 mm audio cable
  • Frequency: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Includes an 18-month warranty
  • Includes a user guide and a micro USB cable
  • Friendly customer service
  • Shipping weight of 1.2 pounds


One of the best things about the Cowin E-7 is its brilliant active noise-cancelling technology. You’re sure to get the best sound quality without a large amount of expense. External noise is reduced and the sound is sure to have that crisp and clear quality.

When riding a long plane flight, the Cowin E-7 is recommended. It’s able to cancel out plane sounds like unnecessary engine noises. Airplane roars will turn to silent whispers once you plug this pair on! It’s also great to know that the battery lasts long with this supreme equipment. It can last up to 30 hours of playtime use. You’re sure to survive that 14-hour flight without losing battery juice. It’s easy to fall asleep while listening to music with E-7 because of its soft and comfortable feel. The headband is soft along with its ear cushion. Its lightweight design makes it easy for you to bring anywhere!


  • Not foldable
  • Cord could be longer
  • Button method could improve
  • Noise-cancelling mode isn’t available in wired/passive mode


The noise-canceling function makes the Cowin E-7 an ideal choice for people who want to relax and forget the world. It’s a reliable choice for anyone who appreciates music. You’re sure to hear clear bass and low tempos with the Cowin E-7. It has comfort, quality, and a sublime audio quality. It might not be foldable like some users preferred, but it’s easy enough to store in a bag and durable to withstand abuse.

If you have any concerns regarding the product, feel free to contact their friendly customer service. The Cowin E-7 comes with a user guide for easy understanding and an 18-month warranty for optimized performance. The Cowin E-7 truly gives an outstanding sound quality that will make any disc jockey or audiophile happy.

Avantree Super Comfortable Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

When it comes to high-quality sound and superb audio performance, the Avantree Audition definitely delivers. It’s one of the best choices for people who want to get the best listening experience. Music will always sound true to life when you start listening through this amazing pair of headphones.


  • High-resolution sound with aptX
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth devices
  • Clear highs and rich bass
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with EDR
  • NFC for one-tap connect
  • Support profiles: headset, hands-free, A2DP, AVRCP
  • Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz
  • Light and comfortable with ultra-soft over the ear pads
  • Adjustable headband
  • Long battery life of up to 40 hours of music time and 20 days standby time
  • Additional audio line input
  • Operation range: Class 2, 10 meters
  • Dual Mode: Can be enjoyed wired or wireless
  • Multipoint and easy to use
  • Can connect two phones at the same tine
  • Driver size: 40 mm
  • Includes a 12-month warranty
  • Shipping weight of 1 pound


Connecting your phone or tablet through Bluetooth won’t be a problem because the Avantree Audition’s connection is superb. It’s easy to link your device to your headphones and start using it. Bluetooth is made compatible with all Bluetooth devices so compatibility won’t be an issue. If you don’t want to use Bluetooth, you can easily use its NFC function with just one tap.

Bass will always be clear with its high-resolution sound with aptX. Different genres of music can be appreciated, while tiny details and nuances of songs can be heard! You’re sure to appreciate the true sound of music with the Avantree Audition.

Aside from giving it quality specifications, the Avantree Audition carries a light and sleek design. It’s a comfortable and stylish pair of headphones that works for almost anyone. Its ear pads are so soft you’d feel like you’re lying on a soft pillow! You can listen to songs for long hours without feeling any discomfort. The Avantree Audition was designed to give a comfortable fit.


  • Frequency range could improve
  • Sound might be heard by strangers because it’s too loud
  • Sizing issues


If you’re looking for a lightweight and well-made headphone, then try the Avantree Audition. It’s an excellent bass headphone that can be used for any occasion. You can use it while working out or while enjoying a long plane ride. It doesn’t matter if you want to use a cord or not – you can choose either way. The Avantree Audition is sure to give you a premium feel and an excellent sound quality.

If you have any issues regarding the product, just simply contact their excellent customer service. The Avantree Audition also comes with a generous 12-month warranty.