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Ausdom AH2 EDR 4.0 Bluetooth Headset

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Ausdom AH2 EDR 4.0 Bluetooth Headset

Did you know that good music causes your brain to release dopamine, a feel-good chemical? Did you have any idea that music is one of the few activities that utilizes your entire brain?

Music is essential to our lives and having the right headset is important.  However, buying the incorrect headset can actually damage your inner ear. And trust me when I tell you, a poorly configured, cheap quality headset like an over-ear or an on-ear headphone can do so much damage. Sometimes, it is almost irreversible to treat the injury that we so unknowingly cause ourselves while listening to our favorite tunes.

Which is why the AUSDOM Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is a good option. Let’s read further to find out why this features as a great option for you.


  • It’s a wireless, Bluetooth headphone.
  • It has a built-in microphone.
  • Playing time is over twenty hours.
  • Included is a USB cable for charging.
  • Fully charged in 2 – 3 hours.
  • It’s got an adjustable headband.
  • Its ear cups are rotatable and covered with soft cushions.
  • Lightweight design, about 6.4 ounces.
  • It has a 3.5 mm aux line. In case the power runs out, you can plug the headphone into your device and enjoy your music with no worry.
  • It also has a control button for receiving and ending calls.
  • Clean bass, clear highs.


The padded leather and the matte finish catches your eyes immediately. When you wear it, the head cushion (leather too) makes it easy, and more importantly, very comfortable to wear.

The ear pads are soft. It doesn’t feel like you are carrying around something heavy on your ears, which is a plus.

The function buttons on the left ear cup are in reach with little to no effort. There are three buttons- power, volume down/previous track, and volume up/next track. You also get two ports nearby, one for wired charging and the other for wired listening.

The Bluetooth range happens to work very well. There is minimal latency while watching videos that you’ll catch if you pay close attention but it’s hardly noticeable and does affect the overall quality of the headset.


The volume buttons work perfectly, but they don’t control the phone volume. So, if you don’t have your phone pre-set at a level, it could annoy you a little bit.

Also, if you increase the volume significantly higher, you’ll notice a bit of distortion in the sound. That isn’t a huge issue because it isn’t comfortable to play anything that loud. However, if you like to have your music loud while listening to your favorite tunes, be wary of the distortion then.


Ausdom 4.0 EDR over-ear Bluetooth headset with a built-in microphone has a sleek, comfortable design, good range, and fits properly. You can customize the fit by twisting and turning it without the fear of snapping the headphones in two.

The approach is minimalistic. The look and feel are smooth. You have easy access to buttons, a long-lasting battery life, and easy charging and device connecting options.

Also, the Ausdom 4.0 EDR is not that expensive.  You will get a suitable listening experience a comfortable design and functionality, and you have, for yourself, the perfect gift.


While it may seem quite a bit to spend money on a headset, chances are you will get more use out of it than the actual cost. Its value for money!

Ausdom AH2 Bluetooth headphones have a good battery life, offer smooth, crisp listening experience with no distortion and no need for too many additional settings to fix the sound, no fuss over connectivity and no heaviness when it comes to the design.

If you are looking for noise cancelling headphones, Ausdom EDR 4.0 Bluetooth headphones are perfect for you.

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