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Best Over Ear Headphones or Earbuds Under $100

Bass Headphones Advice

Best Bass Headphones Under $100

There is something about bass that gets us bobbing our heads with the beat and shutting out the world around us. Now, 100 dollars is a good starting point for a decent pair of headphones. So, let’s take a look at the best over ear headphones under 100 you can buy, in no particular order.

Sony MDR7506

There are fewer companies better known in the audio equipment world than the Japanese tech giant Sony. This is because Sony makes good quality products at every price point. And the MDR 7506 lives up to the legacy.

MDR 7506s are large diaphragm headphones with some professional level specifications. With a frequency response of 10 Hz to 20 KHz and impedance of 63 ohms, these headphones kick out some real punchy bass.

The strong bass does mean that some of the sharpness is lost in the treble. But if your listening habits include hip-hop and club music, you will not be disappointed with these.

AKG K240

AKG is an Austrian player in the audio industry that has been making good, reasonably priced headphones since 1947. K240s are semi-open headphones with a circumaural around the ear which ensures a tight fit.

Where the Sony MDR 7506 relies on sheer power to deliver bass, these headphones are Best Earbuds under 100 to provide a consistent bass response at all volume levels.

With the dynamic range of 15 Hz to 25 KHz and impedance of 55 ohms, the AKG K240 offers excellent value.

Koss ProDJ100

You’re right; these headphones are called ProDJ for a reason. The ProDJ100 offer accurate sounds at all levels, while also packing some serious bass punch. The sound is warm with clear mids and highs.

In addition to kicking out great tunes, these headphones are rugged and fold for easy carrying.

Panasonic RP-HTF600-S Monitor Earphones

Don’t be fooled by the name. Despite being monitoring headphones, these don’t produce an entirely flat response. The bass is pretty good and other frequencies balanced.

Being lightweight and comfortable, these headphones are perfect for prolonged usage without any noticeable fatigue on the ear. Maybe this is why these prove to be such a popular choice. So join the bandwagon.

SOL REPUBLIC 1211-03 On-Ear

Don’t be surprised if you haven’t head of Sol Republic before. These are fairly new players in the music industry and have been operating only since 2011. But that doesn’t mean they don’t compare against some of the more prominent names.

SOL REPUBLIC 1211-03 produce some of the best basson this list. The treble is good too, with slightly warmer mids. With great noise isolation and distortion-free sound, we wonder how they managed to keep the retail price so low. Definitely a great buy.

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones

Now expectations are high when Sennheiser comes under the spotlight. You can almost never go wrong with a Sennheiser product, and HD 280 Pro is no different.

While these might not win any awards for design, they are more comfortable than they look. The sound is warm and balanced with an impressive amount of bass. These headphones don’t come with any fancy features which other, lower priced, headphones may have. But they have their superior sound quality and excellent customer service to back them up.

Bose AE2

Yes, you read that right. Bose makes something that costs less than $100. These may not be their celebrated QC35s but don’t ignore them just yet. AE2 offers bass better than many headphones on this list, and the overall sound quality is great for the price too.

The sound response is balanced and relatively clear even at higher volumes. The mids are sharp and the treble warm. At a humble price of $95 (for Bose, at least), the Bose AE2 is a definite buy.


These were some of our favorite bass-emphasized headphones for under $100. They might not offer the sound quality of the flagship models of their respective brands, but they offer more bang for the buck and are perfect for gifting and kids too. Remember, that you don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars to enjoy good music. Just grab one of these, and you are ready to go.

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