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Best In-Ear Bass Headphones

Bass Headphones Advice

Best In-Ear Bass Headphones

In-Ear Headphones have come a long way since their inception. And the once-prevalent outlook that in-ear headphones are inferior to over the ear ones has been blurred. In-Ear headphones are capable of producing some pretty incredible sounds. Here we will take a look at some of the best in-ear bass headphones which deliver the deepest, tightest and the most immersive bass.

Westone 78505 W50

Let’s kick off this list with one of the best, so you know we mean business. Westone W50s are every bit as fun as they look. The 5-driver system of these produce some of the deepest bass you’ll ever hear. The sound signature is unrivalled and ever-so-slightly warm, and the mids and highs are well balanced. We wouldn’t expect anything less from a pair of audiophile grade headphones.

This is a comfortable pair to wear for a prolonged period, thanks to Westone’s in-house True-Fit technology. Also, the W50s come with the 3-button Apple inline controls. And for the divas, it comes with exchangeable faceplates in metallic red, gold and gunmetal.

Sony XB90EX

Sony XB90EXs are some of the best budget earphones one can buy. XB in XB90EX stands for Xtra Bass, and real enough, the bass is extra. It’s so much that at high volume you ‘feel’ as though your eardrums are going to tear. And no we’re not joking.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. At moderate volumes, the bass is extremely bright and tight. The overall sound is good too, without any noticeable distortion at moderate volume levels.

The earbuds are enclosed in a metal housing and seem military-grade durable. Though slightly on the dark side, these are by no means uncomfortable to wear.

So, if they are so affordable and sound good with a crazy amount of bass, why isn’t it everywhere. Well, that’s because they are commercially available only in Japan and has to be imported to The States. But if you do manage to get your hands on this pair, you’ll not regret it.


RHA T20 in-ear headphones are excellent audio performance, portability and convenience bundled in an attractive design. It features a Dual Coil technology which involves two separate wires on each earpiece. This translates into focused lows and mids and accuracy in sound reproduction.

Like many IEMs in this range, the T20 comes with swappable tuning filters, flexible and moldable over-ear hooks. The earbuds themselves are very small in size, made from moulded stainless construction and are very comfortable to wear.

Sennheiser IE 800

Warning: With IE 800, you are now in strictly audiophile territory. Audiophile means expensive, and these cans headphonesare no exception. But for the hit your wallet takes, you get some of the best in-ear headphones in the world. And we don’t just mean bass, which is beautiful of course.

IE 800 has almost everything that you could ask from any headphones. Out-of-this-world imaging and sonic resolution, unbelievably well-balanced sound and great noise isolation.

Cased in a durable stainless steel housing, this pair comes with a plethora of ear tips of a variety of materials. The cables are semi-detachable, and the carrying case is sturdy.

Such is the reputation of these headphones that they have become the benchmark of balanced sound reproduction.

Shure SE846-CL

If you are someone who wants the best bass, like THE best, and will go to any lengths to acquire it, you probably already own a pair of Shure SE846. We would like to get it out of the way before we begin talking sound: This pair costs close to $1000. No that’s not an extra zero.

Ridiculous? Yes. Worth it? Hell yes!

Shure SE846 produces the deepest, tightest and the most powerful bass ever heard from in-ear headphones. Period. Nothing even comes close, thanks to the dedicated built-in amplifier.

Overall sound quality is just as mind-blowing with industry-leading soundstage, precisely balanced sound and beyond crystal clear highs and mids.

This pair needs little description, and yet, pages can be written about it. So let’s keep it to the essentials. The cables are detachable, and the housing is made of rugged plastic and is slightly big. They are comfortable to wear and provide excellent noise isolation. Though they can be used with any media player with an audio jack, they truly come to life when plugged in a high-res audio player.


This brings us to the end of the list of the top 5 bass-driven earbuds, with options from all price points. We hope the list helps you pick a pair of your favorite bass kicking headphones.

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