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BOHM Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones- If You Love Music, You’ll Love This Model Too

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BOHM Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones- If You Love Music, You’ll Love This Model Too

Allow me to assume that you are one of those homo sapiens who resides on earth in their human bodies, but in their mind, their home is the planet of songs, lyrics, rhythm, tone, bass, beats, chords, and harmony.

Assumptions aside, music is a gift to humanity. Listening to it is an activity that wakes up your brain, aligns you, alters you, improves you, and does so much more for your cognitive health. Clearly, it is critical that every single beat approaches your ears in a perfect manner, which is why you need quality headphones.

B76, or what the general population identifies as Bohm wireless Bluetooth headphone is one that falls into the category of ‘good’ music headphones. However, as soon as you glance at the price, you may be left a little confused as what it offers.

We will look in more detail at the Bohm B76 Bluetooth wireless headphones. But above all, I need to enlighten you regarding why, even at a real high price, this headset model is worth your hard-earned money.


  • Supports advanced Bluetooth version 4.0
  • Connects over ten meters
  • Foam cushioned ear pads covers entire ear
  • Built-in volume control
  • Eight hours long, high-quality noise cancellation
  • Foldable design
  • Light in weight- 0.76 lb.
  • Plenty of volume options on both high and low ends
  • Sturdy framework, sleek design


Active noise cancelling, good sound isolation

The headphone aims to alter the speaker frequencies to reduce or eliminate any and all outside sound. You can turn it off or on using a small switch present on the ear cup.

Excellent sound quality, range, and balance

There is no vocal muddling here. Whether you a classical, jazz, or pop fan; you will get an enjoyable musical experience. The bass isn’t overwhelming (which is a good thing) and the sound details are properly balanced.

A good fit on your head

The Bhom B76 might feel a bit heavy in your hands but put it on your head, and it will fit right in. The ear padding will cover your entire ear. Apart from saving your ears in cold conditions, these also are super soft and feel comfortable.

Reasonably standard pricing for the feature set

One may not consider this a reasonably priced headphone, but hear me out. For the given set of features that include a sleek design, comfortable fit, great sound isolation properties, and genre specific clarity settings, Bohm is offering you a much lower price range. Try Bose, and you will find out just what I am talking about.


The headband could have used a bit more padding to make it comfortable for the top of your head particularly if you have it on for longer periods of time.

Turn the volume down 10% or so and you will spot a slight hissing noise, not audible during music playback. Say, you want to use your headphones extensively for noise cancelling, to read a book or sleep maybe, think Bose or Beats.

The ear pads are firmly secured. You might feel sweaty, hot, or uncomfortable for the initial few times while wearing it.


B76 provides a high-range musical experience in a mid-range expense. It’s sleek, padded, and comfy design, with a credible battery life and a proper set of excellent sound features makes this a good buy.

It allows you to enjoy a near-perfect smooth and precise sound quality. It adjusts as per various genres and its noise cancellation works like magic. It’s lightweight and has a sturdy metal frame. The earmuffs are fluffy and feel soft on the ears.

Now, the price is perceived differently by different people, but when you compare the features with that of Beats or Bose, the price doesn’t come off as that extreme.


It doesn’t cost as much as some other models and it works perfectly. Its flaws are little to negligible. Bohm B76 Over-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphone is what I like to call a good alternative high-end headset option.

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