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SoundPal SL50 Ultra-Light Wireless On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

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SoundPal SL50 Ultra-Light Wireless On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Tired of bulky headphones? Want a quirky accessory to match your handset? Tired of wires and chords?

Well SoundPal SL50 Ultra-Light Wireless On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones is the all in one solution to your problems. It’s lightweight, it’s stylish, it’s cordless.

It has an inbuilt HD microphone that doesn’t have to be adjusted again and again for your convenience because it is built in seamlessly. The headset allows hands-free calling for up to thirty-three feet.

The featured menu allows switching between calls and music, allows easy navigation from dialing to shuffling your favorite playlists. You can easily adjust the headphones according to your comfort, and the ultra-soft cushion lets you keep it on all day.


  • HD sound quality
  • Fifty Millimeter drivers
  • Compatible with Mobile, Laptop or Tablets
  • Bluetooth calling with a range of 33 feet
  • Light-weight and comfortable
  • Bluetooth version 4.1
  • Gently Cushion material
  • Foldable and Rotatable for easy storage
  • Twenty hrs. Of battery time (on single charging)


Light in Weight. These ultra-light headphones are easy on the ears and can be worn for prolonged hours. You can wear them all day long without feeling the weight of the headphones. The sleek design, as well as soft cushions, allow the user to stay comfortable and relaxed.

Bluetooth Connectivity.With the latest Bluetooth version 4.1, the wireless connectivity allows the user to make calls hassle-free via this device without having to use controls from your mobile hand set. The connection lasts for up to thirty-three feet. You don’t have to worry about the call dropping

Easy Switch. The intelligent menu allows you to change from calling mode to your music files in a second.  You need not use your handset to control the playlists as the smart buttons on the headphone allow you to do so.

High-Definition Sound Quality. The rich bass as well as balanced sound delivers crystal clear music to the ears of the user and makes hearing in itself a delightful experience.

Accessible Mobility and Storage. The headphones are rotatable and foldable that make it quite easy for mobility and storage. They can be easily stored in a compact manner without having to take much space.

High Compatibility. The headphones can be connected to mobile phones, tablets and laptops. One set of headphones can be connected to multiple devices.

High Battery life. The battery ranges up to twenty hours on one charge. The user need not charge the headphones again and again, which makes the user’s life easy and hassle-free.


No protection from interference from other devices. Since its cordless and is operated by Bluetooth, there isn’t much protection from interference from nearby devices.


SoundPal SL50 Ultra-Light Wireless On-Ear Bluetooth Headphonesis light-weight, cordlessand sleek with the inbuilt microphone that allows the user to talk and listen simultaneously. With latest Bluetooth version 4.0, the user can communicate with these headphones within a range of 33 feet. The battery covers about 20 hours in one go that allows the user a hassle-free experience.

Its soft cushions enable you to wear them for long hours and allow you to have a blissful experience.  The smart menu on the headband can be used to swap calling to music or vice versa at the convenience of the user. The playlists can be shuffled from the headphones itself, without having to control via the handset. The Headphones have compatibility with Laptops, Tablets and Phones.


SoundPal SL50 Headphones are a definite buy because of its Bluetooth connectivity and lightweight. The ultra-sleek look is stylish and quirky making you feel stylish. The user can switch between calls and music files with the smart menu controls on the headset. Barring one drawback of sound interference, these headphones are quite a comfort to the ears.

They are adjustable, rotatable and portable making it quite a delight for the end user. The compact design makes it easy for the user to travel with it and it’s 20-hour battery life allows the user to have a worry-less holiday.

All in all, SoundPal SL50 Headphones have it all- good looks, lightweight and easy functionality.

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