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Ten Headphones to BASS Up Your Ears

Bass Headphones Advice

Ten Headphones to BASS Up Your Ears

Music is present in all, be it a living thing or non-living thing. One can hear music in the rhythm of heartbeats or the tick-tock of the clock. Whether we are working, travelling or just alone music comforts our soul and what better way to hear it than with two boom boxes covering your ears?

No one can deny that headphones are an essential now-a-days. To be lost in your world with the music that fills every part of your body with excitement and relaxes your soul at the same time is a dream for all music lovers. But the problem comes in identifying the awesome headphone for yourself. But don’t worry we have got a few tips to cover you.


Headphones are categorized as

  • Ear buds- They go in the ear, mostly accompanied by a music player. They could cause a little pain if you wear them for a long period. Some can just fit in the bowl of your ear while a few extend till your ear canal. They are super affordable but also have a shorter span. Most of the ear buds don’t provide any noise cancellation.
  • Ear pads- They are another form of ear buds, which are lighter and have a comfortable padding. This means no more red ears or pain. Unlike ear buds, you can wear them while doing any physical activity. They are moderately expensive. Alas! They also don’t have a high noise cancellation.
  • Over-the-head headphones- They are full fledge earphones. Some come with microphones. They have superb noise cancellations, but due to their big size, they are meant mostly for indoor activities.


  • Noise cancellation – If you are okay with going little over your budget, then noise cancellation headphones are the best. In this, the headphone will play music against the sounds in your environment. This means depending your surrounding your volume will be altered.
  • Noise isolation- This is a physical feature in which the earphone’s shape and foam padding help to cancel out any noise.
  • Wireless- Now-a-days, a picking trend is to untangle yourself with wireless headphones. These fit onto your head, and you can enjoy high power bass.

Based on the above, here is a list of top bass headphones that will boom your ears.


These headphones from Japan are our primary choice if you’re looking for the best bass headphones. These play bass better than a lot of headphones on the market these days.

Largelush ear pads will extend to even the biggest heads. You would have to get familiar with the weight, but these are top quality headphones, so getting used to it won’t be a problem.

JVC HA SZ2000 headphones are great to enjoy while you are at home or just lying on the couch; the bulkier design won’ttroubleyou much in this situation. Sound cancelling is about average; it’s not awful, but not that great either. The good thing is you can swapthe original ear pads with better noise cancelling ones.


Currently one of the most popular headphones. They have magnificent noise isolation and super bass effect. You will just get lost in the world of music, I promise. The only problem is that padding is quite thick leaving you with heavy ears.


A power packed performance at affordable price. This is one of the most sought after heavy bass headphone. The only drawback is the tangling of wires. Also, often user have provided feedback of heating.


Another super bass over-the-ear headphone is V-Moda. The brand already has a name in durable headphones along with versatility. Now they are available in wireless too. Although they do lack a little in noise cancellation and the Bluetooth connection produces a hissing sound.


They are ear buds with exceptional bass booming in your ears. They are not meant for heavy physical activities, but you can wear them while travelling to isolate yourself with music. They have an excellent design which fits right into your ear, but they lack a little in noise isolation. They even lack treble which might not be suitable for treble sensitive people.


Priced reasonably, the headphones are a decent buy for people looking for extra bass. The body of the headphones is an amalgamation of plastic and metal. The headband is springy and made of metal. The remaining body is of high-quality plastic. While the appearance is like Sony’s MDR headphones, the ear pads on the MDR XB950BT are easy on the ears compared to other MDR headphones.

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