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The Top Features of Most Bass Headphones

Bass Headphones Advice

The Top Features of Most Bass Headphones

Bass headphones bring in superior sound quality to you anywhere and everywhere. A music lover can enjoy the sound conditions of a club or a concert both indoors and outdoors.  Carrying a high-quality bass headphone with you is like taking your private performance with you.

These headphones are manufactured with a broad range of features. The most prominent features are:

  • Comfortable ear cushioning
  • Headbands for comfort
  • Noise isolation features
  • Inline remotes

While choosing a set of bass headphones that fit your needs, there are certain factors a buyer must consider.

Things to consider while purchasing the right bass headphones

The headphones should deliver good bass without compromising on the quality of sound. The headphones should be compatible with your devices, it should be comfortable enough for extended usage, should be easy on your pockets, and it should fit your lifestyle.

So, while narrowing down your search for the right headphone, scrutinise your choices with the following characteristics.

The Performance

Performance and good sound quality are what matter the most in a headphone. The headphone should be designed such that it can enhance the bass. The characteristics that help produce the best quality bass are a low-frequency response, large driver size and closed ear phones.

Type of Headphone

There are three types of headphones, in-ear, over-ear and on-ear. Look into the advantages and disadvantages of each type before choosing a suitable one.

The in-ear type of headphones can fit comfortably into your ears.  It is convenient to carry around, and it can even be tossed into your pocket when you don’t need them. When it comes to reproducing bass, in-ear headphones are the best. You can experience noise isolation, and you do not have to turn the volume very high as opposed to other types. If you are also looking for headphones to use while exercising, this is your best bet.

The on-ear variety is an amalgamation of both in-ear and over-ear.  When it comes to portability, it is more convenient than the over-ear ones, but the listening comfort is slightly reduced when compared to the over-ear type. If you are looking for headphones to use while traveling, this is the right one for you. However, for long hours of usage, this kind can put pressure on your ears.

The over-ear bass headphones are the more powerful ones. They produce very deep sub-bass frequencies, and they are better than the other two types when it comes to bass reproduction.

Since the surface area is large, the pressure is distributed uniformly making it ideal for long hours of listening. This type is the most preferred by professionals. Ear pads are made out of a material called velour that partly filters the lower frequencies so that they do not sound prominent.


Drivers are necessary for headphones and speakers because they are the vibrating parts that transfer sound waves. In general, speakers have a significant driver, a midrange driver and a small controller.  In most headphones, all the three drivers are packed into one. However, there are a few headphones with multiple drivers.

The large drivers produce new bass. The small and midrange drivers mainly serve as tweeters for high and midrange frequencies. While these are the most common ones, there are other kinds of drivers that are not commonly used.

The bigger the driver size, the better the sound quality. The variety and type of driver make less difference to the sound quality. However, it is good to ensure the presence of all three drivers, either as a single drive or as individual components. The sound depends on the way the manufacturer has tuned it.

Added features

Another characteristic to consider is the competence of your headphone with your other devices. The inline remote and microphone should be compatible with your iOS or Android devices that you own. Certain models do come with a storage case that can be used for safe storage of your device. Purchasing a model that comes with the case saves you from the hassles of buying it at a later point in time.

After Sales Support

The longer the warranty of your headphones, the better it is for the user. Look for the customer support the company offers. Check how easy it is to replace the product or service it if the need arises. Most manufacturers have the product manual online. Read it in detail before choosing the right headphones.

One common mistake buyers commit is by selecting the headphone based on the reputation of the manufacturer. Instead, analyze your needs, your usage, and comfort before settling for the right bass headphone.

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