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Wear your Music the Best with Skullcandy Hesh 2

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Wear your Music the Best with Skullcandy Hesh 2

Here are headphones that will leave an impression on you. This product bears the perfection and swagger associated with all Skullcandy products. Something to keep you all the more excited about your playlist. It is available for shipping anywhere in the world.

The Skullcandy Hesh 2 is headphones plus mic set which offers you the most versatile listening and using experience. It is simple to use, elegant in design, and unusual in its musical quality.

You get to pick the design of your choice – and we are sure you will find more than one to suit your particular taste in its range. Most of all, it is easy to carry around.

Its output is tuned to the best levels of frequency, using drivers for that perfect bass and treble balance truly a delight for all purposes.


  • It is built with a frequency response between 18kHz and 20kHz.
  • It comes with a 50mm driver.
  • It comes in 28 exciting looks for you to choose from. Whether plain colors or psychedelic designs, there is a wide range available.
  • It is provided with comfortable viscoelastic foam keeping gentleness to ears in mind. The headband is made of flexible and sturdy plastic.
  • The microphone comes in-line. It can be operated with a single button for all kinds of tasks, whether about your music or your phone calls.
  • The jack cable can be detached.
  • Its size is ideal for both covered-ears experience as well as for storage in custom sized pouches.


A finely detailed sound experience, with the perfect balance between bass and treble. Hear up to the highest of sopranos and the lowest of baritones simultaneously!

A useful device for using equalizers with. Adjust your listening experience as per your exact wishes.Easy on the head and hassle-free design for carrying around. Take no trouble of coiling around the cable.

Straightforward, stylish, and versatile to use. Multi-tasking through the same gadget is possible with the Skullcandy Hesh 2. It’s more than just a device for sound, it enhances your musical experience.

Durable. Made from the best quality materials with a meticulous hand. Can even withstand minor mishandlings on your part (but be careful!).

Skullcandy’s limited lifetime warranty! Any manufacturer’s defect, if found genuine, will be repaired, replaced, or credited by Skullcandy.


There are a few complaints of noise from outside. The headphones do have trouble keeping the noise out. Clearly, they aren’t as effective in this regard as the much costlier Bose alternatives, or even some of the plug-in earphones. But unmatched to most brands in its league and genre.

They can be rather cumbersome. They weigh just over a pound, which can be rather uncomfortable around the neck or over the head. Besides, the design does make them somewhat bulge out.

Storage bag has to be bought separately. Given that it is a detachable product, this can be a downer. You wouldn’t want to lose anything, would you?


The little skull that is the brand logo of Skullcandy is a symbol of trust for music lovers. We can say without the doubt that these headphones are ones you can definitely trust.

But what a music lover wants most is to find headphones that will keep them assured of a quality experience for the cost they have paid for them. In that regard, the Skullcandy Hesh 2 is almost flawless (to be fair, avoiding noise is a terrible affair!).

It offers the most balanced musical output, over the most diverse genres of music. It is gentle to the ears. At the same time, it is durable, and you can trust the company to deal with minor glitches that might arise.

The most enchanting about this set of headphones is how they take music beyond just the sensory experience: the little graphics which the headphones are designed with is a visual delight. These are not merely headphones to listen with, but also to glare at.


Get the Skullcandy Hesh 2. It is available for shipping across the world. For the superior musical experience that you might seek, and it is definitely worth the price.

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